Villa del Faro

What to Expect When Staying in an Eco Resort

An Eco resort focuses on sustainable practices to minimize its environmental impact. Eco resorts are becoming increasingly popular as travelers pick environmentally friendly options while on vacation.

1. Why Are They Popular?

An Eco resort offers travelers the opportunity to enjoy their vacation in a beautiful natural setting without harming the environment. This provides travelers with peace of mind knowing that their vacation is not contributing to the pollution and environmental degradation prevalent today. When searching for your next vacation destination look for an Eco resort in Baja Mexico. Villa Del Faro is just such a place. We will make your vacation memorable and eco-friendly. Here are some things you can expect at an Eco hotel in Baja Mexico, particularly at Villa del Faro.

2. Types of Accommodation

An Echo hotel in Baja California will offer a variety of options and accommodations.

Suites with Ocean views

There’s nothing better than waking up to a beautiful ocean view. At your Echo resort in Baja, Mexico you will see stunning vistas from private balconies. So whether you are watching the sunrise over the water or soaking up the last rays of sunlight you’ll be mesmerized by the other ever-changing beauty of the ocean.

Penthouse Suites

Villa del Faro, an eco-hotel in Baja, California offers a penthouse suite. It is perfect for you if you want a taste of luxury. It offers 360° views of the ocean, mountains, and desert. Here at night there is no distracting city light. The moon and stars are magnificent. We offer a spacious bedroom with a canopy king bed, a smaller outdoor bedroom, a large outdoor seating area with a kitchen and dining room and an elegant marble full bath.Plenty of room here for you and a few children.

4. Activities You Can Enjoy

Horse Riding

The beaches of Baja California are world renowned for their beauty, and horseback riding is one of the best ways to experience them. The gentle waves and soft sand make for an enjoyable ride and the scenery is breathtaking. Villa Del Faro will arrange horseback riding for you with the owner of one of the ranches nearby. He will take you on a ride on the beach and tell you the history of the area as well.


Cabo Pulmo is a small town located about a half an hour north of Villa del Faro. It is home to the only living coral reef in North America. It is a world heritage site which means it is protected. It is a popular destinations for snorkeling and diving. The reef is teaming with marine life, including over 100 species of fish and is a beautiful site to behold. If you are looking for a world class snorkeling or diving experience, Cabo Pulmo is the place to go!

For your next vacation you can’t go wrong with an Eco hotel in Baja. California.