Villa del Faro


When the family says “off the grid” it is real! There is no electricity, no phone lines. Everything at the Villa is run on solar power, supplemented by a generator when needed. There are propane hot water heaters, propane refrigerators, stoves. There is no microwave. The water is trucked in and stored in a big tank where it is cleaned and purified. Water conservation is always of the utmost priority as everyone who lives in this area knows. The grounds have been xeric planted. Laundry is sun dried. This is definitely a “green” hotel. Thanks to modern technology there is computer service and Wifi.

Water is gold in the desert and water conservation is always of the utmost priority

Everything at the Hotel is run on solar power.   You will see the big bank of solar panels as you first drive in. We have over 30 Sharp 216 watt panels running a 48 volt system which provides lighting, refrigeration, and all our other electrical needs.

Water for our plants comes from a well with a solar pump in the arroyo.  Water conservation is always of the utmost priority, and has always been a part of life in this “green desert” by the sea.

Practical Conservation​

Conservation is a team effort.  To help us you can:

Together we can save precious water and energy resources, and reduce pollutants caused by unnecessary cleaning.