Villa del Faro

Mornings at Villa Del Faro Begin with the Sound of Waves Crashing to the Shore

Mornings at Villa Del Faro

Mornings at Villa del Faro begin with the sound of waves crashing to the shore, as the tangerine sun emerges out of the Sea of Cortez, much to the delight of the Mobula rays that leap to greet it. Birds of all kinds fly overhead taking in the cool morning air, while Ghost crabs play peek-a-boo from their holes.

Our unique Stone cottage, located on the beach, offers a front-row seat to the first rays of the sun as the aroma of French Press coffee fills the tiny space quickly. Sitting under the palapa with your toes in the soft sand, palms waving gently in the breeze, there is an exact moment where all your worries disappear… Iguanas join you, one by one, sunning themselves reverently on the rocks above, soaking in the morning warmth.

Soon a large breakfast, that promises to fill you for the day, is offered near a pretty water fountain, surrounded by gardens, palm trees, and beautiful flowers. The friendly staff is available to answer all your questions and offer suggestions on nearby attractions. Villa del Faro offers a stunning pool where you can rest under the cool palms, a comfortable summer house on the beach where you can watch the whales pass by, and miles of soft sandy beach to walk and discover lost treasures, seashells, and playful waves.

The warm evenings can be spent sipping one of our cool signature margaritas and enjoying a delicious four-course meal prepared by our amazing Chef and kitchen staff. The small dining room offers an intimate space with the sound of soft music, birds, chitchat of the day’s activities, and gecko’s chirping from their hiding places. After enjoying the flavors of the Baja, your beautiful casita awaits you, with cool sheets and fluffed pillows, selected specifically for your comfort.

-Rita Kroeker